hello. my name is shahzeb and i like building things related to web-applications and machine learning.

I enjoy writing about both technical subjects and about things going on in my life. You can visit my blog to view all the posts.

Demystifying Typescript + Webpack + Babel

A deep dive into how to use TypeScript. Also explains what the role of Webpack and Babel is.

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Contentful integration for Rails

A useful tutorial on how to integrate Contentful into a Ruby on Rails application.

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Log custom metrics to AWS CloudWatch

Track custom events on AWS CloudWatch. Really helpful for sending custom metric such as Sidekiq job timeouts.

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Getting react-big-calendar to work.

React Big Calendar went through an upgrade which introduced breaking changes and made many of the online tutorials and documentation obsolete. Hopefully my guide helps.

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Dynamically render React components

An advanced guide on rendering React components from a string which represents the component name.

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Add analytics on links in React.

An advanced React guide to adding analytics (such as Google Analytics) to your React button components.

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