Spark Connect Messanger bot

A bot that sparks a connection with people around you by helping you discover fun things to do in your city.


We wanted to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

What it does

Spark Connect utilizes Facebook bot API to connect people together via the messenger bot. How it works:

  1. Message the bot
  2. The bot will ask you what you would like to do
  3. Choose an option such as finding a restaurant or concert near you
  4. Provide further information to the bot (such as what type of food you'd like)
  5. Answer whether you'd like to meet up with someone new
  6. The bot will recommend both people near you and a location to meet up

How we built it

Tech used: spark AR for AR stickers which are in Instagram / Facebook filters. These filters could be used by brands to increase engagement via Spark Connect. The messenger bot makes API requests to a Heroku (Node) backend which serves the data.


Facebook Messenger, Facebook AR, Node, Heroku, Firebase.


<!-- Built using Vue, Tailwind, and Astro. Hosted on Vercel. -->