Flipped classroom app

Flipped is a classroom platform that places lectures at home and builds the relationship between instructors and students.

Flipped homepage


We wanted to build an open education system inspired by Khan Academy. As flipped classrooms become more popular, we wanted to provide a simple and easy to use software which allows instructors to post lecture content to the platform.

What it does

It allows for users to partake in a Flipped class room. This is when the teacher provides learning content (such as YouTube videos) for the student to learn from at home. The student can partake in discussion (the stream) and answer quiz questions.

How we built it

We built this using Angular.js and Bootstrap on the front-end. And we have an Express server (installed with npm, running on Node) which is handling all the API requests. The database used is postgres. We are also using the twilio API which allows the teachers to broadcast a text message to all her students (texts like "don't forget assignment due tomorrow").


Angular, Heroku, Node, Postgres, Twilio, Bootstrap.


<!-- Built using Vue, Tailwind, and Astro. Hosted on Vercel. -->